“Burt Flickinger is the best consultant in retail. Period.”

-Gretchen Morgenson, Pulitzer Prize winning “Money & Markets” The New York Times & The Wall Street Journal editor

“Burt Flickinger is the most insightful observer, or, more accurately, participant in retail.”

-David Dillon, Chairman & CEO, Kroger & Fred Meyer (best multi-format retail chain CEO in U.S. for 20 years)


“Burt Flickinger is a retail genius.”

-Maria Bartiromo, Emmy award winning journalist, Fox Business Network, Mornings with Maria, Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street; CNBC Business News, Closing Bell, On the Money with Maria Bartiromo

“Burt Flickinger is the smartest in retail, and always great!”

-Neil Cavuto, Managing Editor, NBC Business News; Executive Editor, CNBC Business News; SVP & Managing Editor, Fox Business Network, Cavuto on Business, and Cavuto: Coast to Coast

“Burt Flickinger is the expert in all things retail and food.”

-Pimm Fox, Award winning business journalist and news anchor, Bloomberg Radio, Taking Stock, Think Tank, P&L with Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz

"Burt, thank you for your remarks about our company. They were both humbling and inspiring to all of us. Our team has great admiration for you and your organization, and we will work hard to live up to your predictions!"


-Colleen Wegman, President & CEO, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

"Burt, I always enjoy hearing your observations on strategic and competitive issues in the country. Thanks for playing that special role for the industry."


-Charles C. Butt, Chairman of the Board, CEO, H-E-B Grocery Company

"Burt, you are so very thoughtful and a joy to know. Not only did you and your team give us great feedback, you also helped keep Casey's independent for more success."


-Bob Myers, President & CEO, Casey's General Stores, Inc.

"Burt, it was a real pleasure to spend time with you at Albertsons Corporate in Boise. I can see why you are a 'legend' in the industry!"

-Justin C. Dye, COO, CAO, Chief Strategy Officer, Albertsons-Safeway, Inc.

"Burt Flickinger is a multidimensional person with interests galore! What an honor it was to have him present on The Accelerating Retail Ice Age at the Baraboo Vail Annual Conference."


-Richard S. Strong, Founder, Baraboo Growth, LLC

"Burt, thank you for your extremely impressive eulogy for Jim Belden, Owner, Operator & President, Super Duper Markets. What was most impressive is that someone connected with S.M. Flickinger, Inc. and Super Duper would travel so long to pay tribute to Jim after 35 years. I cannot tell you how much I respect that, and cannot thank you enough for being such a thoughtful person!" 


-Ron Belden, Super Duper Markets

"I must say we all really enjoy your presentations. Your background and research are amazing."


-Jay T. McCormack, CEO, Rio Ranch Market and Vice Chairman, Unified Grocers

"Burt, I always appreciate your thoughts and insights—speaking with you is always an education."


-Harry Brumpton, Mergers & Acquisitions Correspondent, Reuters, Bloomberg

"Thank you for helping the union workers at P&C and Tops to stay at their jobs with your support, and thank you for helping to keep my mother in Korea alive. You are such a nice, gentle, generous person."


-Sung Anderson, UFCW Local One, Groton, NY