• Historical market-share comparisons and analysis: SRG has "pre-Internet" data including unparalleled retailer databases of retailer and wholesaler market shares (region-specific) going back to before the 1970s.

  • One-year, five-year, and 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, and 25-year market share comparisons can help illustrate and explain the dynamics of retail and wholesaler bankruptcies, as well as expected future changes to a Trading Area (PTAs: Primary Trading Areas & STAs: Secondary Trading Areas).

  • Mapping & Demographical Analysis: Key analytics and insights by zip code, Primary Trading Area (PTA) and Secondary Trading Area (STA) to show population characteristics by region or geographic, as well as the market impact of new or exiting retail competition.

  • Retail market tours: SRG can lead you on a hosted tour of your market-of-choice to help you better understand the market’s nuances. These include competing retailer operations and store formats, dynamics of retailer-wholesaler relationships relative to a chain’s pricing and promotional programs, retailer-specific Private Label strategies, click-and-collect initiatives across the market, and best-in-class Consumer communication strategies.