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Flick's Picks: Lowe's Wins & McDonald's Loses

This week, Burt Flickinger's "Retail Roundup" on MORNINGS with MARIA, broadcast from Cornell University. Burt highlighted "Winners" and "Losers," starting with the enlightened practitioner Marvin Ellison and his team at Lowe's, which is winning by investing working capital into extra inventory, its own warehouses and trucking while committing to Diversity, Inclusion, and solar power, as well as leaders like Tractor Supply, BJ's Wholesale Club and NFG. Losers include McDonald's and other QSRs, who are making money by raising prices, putting them on the wrong side of inflation. Also: What is the solution for supply chain issues? Burt suggested consulting with Margaret Frey, Cornell Dean of the Fiber Innovation & Fashion program & looking to winners like Under Armour, which has on-shored U.S. manufacturing.

Watch Now: https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6278164524001

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