SRG consumer surveys are conducted across the U.S. and internationally--get answers from targeted Consumer constituencies in real time.  . 

Case Study: An international retailer with store operations in multiple countries was looking expand its Private Label store brand with the goal of optimizing product offering and category merchandising sets across its store base. Income levels varied and price sensitivity was high. 

  • 3,000 completed surveys collected in 18 hours

  • 98% completion rate

  • 2,868 emails collected

  • More than 90% of respondents were females and core customer targets between the ages of 25-54


  • The majority of respondents typically shop once a month, and were most concerned about a store’s quality of goods offered, not price (ranked 4th).

  • Respondents are very heavily influenced by promotion and purchasing behavior and are easily influenced through the retailer’s loyalty card promotion.

  • 98% of respondents would buy more of the store’s private label brand if more products were offered.

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