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Consumer Surveys & Insights

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SRG’s data analysis offerings aid CPG and Retail corporations with difficult-to-source information that is necessary to stay competitive. As omnichannel retail grows, the importance of staying informed on customer preferences has compounded. Up-to-date consumer information ensures your advertising strategy and product mix are most effective. With a focus on accuracy and cost-effectiveness, our consultants break down challenges with a plan that best suits your organization’s individual needs. 

Our customer insights include market and consumer analyses that yield targeted data to drive revenue, efficiently. SRG’s data collection methods provide real-time data from thousands of customers globally. This data informs decisions ranging from promotional strategy and segmented marketing to private label product development.

Our data experts work with your organization to put this data into action. We identify new market opportunities for your business alongside existing ones to expand upon. Outlining a methodical approach to maximize revenue growth, we produce tangible impact.

Our Customer Feedback Services Include:

Custom Consumer Insights Surveys

  • Data collection and sampling solutions that are unique to your business problem

  • Current feedback from thousands of customers such as:

    • Response to advertisements

    • Price sensitivity

    • Private label interest

    • Product mix preferences

    • Shopping habits

    • Customer segmentation​

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Effective and Targeted Information Collection 

  • Filter based on certain demographics

  • Reach specific audiences and regions

  • Customers in the United States and 

  • Data Analysis of Findings

  • Our data analysts interpret the results to create actionable solutions

  • Identify omnichannel and targeted marketing opportunities

Data Analysis of Findings

  • Our data analysts interpret the results to create actionable solutions

  • Identify omnichannel and targeted marketing opportunities

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Case Study:

A multinational food retailer was evaluating an expansion of its private label store brand to optimize product offering and category merchandising sets across its stores. Customer income levels varied and price sensitivity was high. The retailer wanted to gain information on the effectiveness of promotions and interest in private label products within a certain demographic and region.

SRG’s Data Collection Produced:

  • 3,000 completed surveys in 18 hours

  • 2,868 emails for future marketing campaigns

  • 98% survey completion rate

  • 90%+ of respondents within the core customer target: females between the ages of 25-54


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Case Study Insights:

Most respondents typically shop once a month and were most concerned about a store’s quality of goods offered, not price (ranked 4th).
​Respondents are very heavily influenced by promotion and purchasing behavior and are easily influenced by the retailer’s loyalty card promotion.

98% of respondents would buy more of the store’s private label brand if offered more products.

The international retailer was then able to take a strategic plan for their product mix and promotional schedule, resulting in more revenue.

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