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Real Estate & Store Site Analysis

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In retail, store locations and real estate selection continue to be determining factors in the success of a store and the brand at large. SRG has deep experience in careful, holistic consideration of the commercial real estate market and how an expansion fits into a business’ long-term plan. We also have expertise in store layouts for maximum user experience and sales.

To ensure the brand is positioned for success, SRG analyzes both current and prospective markets to determine the viability of store expansion. We prioritize evaluating relevant competitors’ expansion plans for benchmarking and tracking. Our decades of retail experience offer us insight into industry standards and trends, helping your business stay ahead of the competition. We can determine the location and store planning with the most potential for high sales and customer traffic to maximize returns on new store openings.

We also work with brands looking to remodel or renovate their existing stores. A store’s layout can quickly meet customer needs, or leave them unsatisfied and unwilling to return. Increasingly, digital and AI offerings are common in-store, elevating your business and the customers’ experience. For example, self-checkout kiosks are being added to more and more stores, with various benefits including reduced labor costs. AI technology is used for store inventory purposes and can save thousands in labor costs and reduce human error.hical analyses show population characteristics by zip code, allowing your business to effectively segment and target customers.

Customer preferences within retail locations have changed dramatically over the decades. Convenience is a priority of shoppers now, and stores need to accommodate someone with limited time. A store’s location and layout are both important to bolster sales and customer satisfaction.

Our Real Estate Analysis services include:

Valuations and Planning

  • On-site and market valuations

  • A location’s fit into the long-term strategic plan

  • Future Mass Volume Retail (MVR) expansion plans

Site Selection

  • On-site visits

  • Negotiation with real estate agents

  • Support through contractual processes

Interior of Children's Clothing Store
Architectural Plan

Store Layout

  • Placement of products, aisles, and offerings throughout the store

  • Maximizing sales through convenient, appealing store design


  • Expansion plans for competitors, including category dominant retailers

  • Expert witness analyses, reports, briefs, and testimony

  • Traffic studies

  • Analyses of the viability of co-located retailers, restaurants, entertainment, and science venues

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