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Markets Insight & Research

Business Team Research

SRG’s experts conduct comprehensive market research on a variety of retail and CPG topics for clients and publications globally. Our proven data collection methods and deep industry knowledge catalyze data-driven decisions for businesses. Our market research has also been featured in leading publications, including Consumer Reports, Forbes, and The Economist.

We offer analyses and research to inform multiple sectors of a client’s business. These include trading area, real estate, pricing, compensation, and customer analyses. We can work with your organization to quantify the impacts of different business choices and maximize returns.

Trading Area Analysis

  • A deep examination of a store’s primary and secondary trading areas can unlock new revenue opportunities and inform expansion decisions for your business. Our 50+ years of historical data give comprehensive insight into an area’s real estate market and relevant retail competitors.

Real Estate Analysis

  • Our real estate and site selection analyses are valuable for decisions regarding new retail locations and existing ones. We evaluate a prospective site’s viability, through factors including competitors, current market, projected market, and customer base. To enhance current stores, we work with clients on renovations and remodels for maximum efficiency in stores. For example, this can include implementing new technology or layout adjustments to meet customer preferences.

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Pricing and Merchandising Studies

  • A product’s price signals many factors to a customer: its quality, reputation, and positioning. Having a calculated pricing strategy effectively communicates to consumers, while boosting profitability. Our extensive pricing research ensures your products are priced optimally for their given category and includes relevant competitor data.

Compensation and Benefits Analysis

  • Determining competitive employee compensation plans can be difficult given the intricacies of labor contracts and the dynamic nature of the labor market. We conduct labor market analyses to aid negotiations for union and non-union employers. SRG’s proprietary labor-costing model also quantifies changes in wages and benefits in real time, projecting the current and future costs of labor.

Customer Insights Surveys

  • Customer needs and preferences are constantly evolving, compounding the need for current feedback. Our data experts have successfully conducted surveys with thousands of respondents, providing valuable insights for businesses globally. Using this data, we develop strategies to effectively target various customer segments, resulting in increased profits and customer satisfaction for our clients.

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