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Marketing & Advertising Strategy

A strong, recognizable brand is key to the success of a product or service, and it can be difficult to keep up with customers’ varying preferences. In the digital age, consumers’ responses to advertisements and preferred methods of communication are changing faster than ever before. To stay competitive, it is vital that brands effectively target their key audiences in multiple ways. Omnichannel marketing has gained popularity as a way to profitably reach customers, and SRG can aid your business in navigating this transition.


We offer expertise in a variety of marketing segments, beginning from brand creation to long-term communications strategy. SRG has successfully launched new brands, detailing comprehensive positioning plans to gain market share and create lasting labels. These include advertising, pricing, and promotion strategies. We help identify new market opportunities to reach as many potential customers. These first steps are crucial for a developing brand and its positioning.

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For existing products, we utilize various marketing capabilities, ensuring a mix of channels is reaching prospective customers. Digital marketing and social media are increasingly effective techniques for businesses to reach different generations but can be difficult to maximize. Our consultants are creative and well-versed in the intricacies of creating value from digital marketing. Beyond digital and email marketing, we offer expertise in print, television, and radio advertising.


Data and analytics are central to our marketing capabilities, and we quantify the value of various communications. Using Key Performance Indicators such as conversion rate per channel, engagement levels, click-through rates, and growth rates, we ensure campaigns are effectively reaching customers. Our consultants utilize decades of data analysis experience to track campaigns and ensure value is generated for your brand.

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Our Marketing and Communications services include:


  • Creation of brand and strategic brand positioning

  • Brand strategy and long-term plan

  • Timeline for new brand or product launch

Advertising and Promotions

  • Omnichannel marketing: social media, digital, print, television, radio, emailKPIs and Benchmarking to quantify

  • Promotional schedule, display, endcaps

  • Holiday and special event offerings

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Customer Segmentation

  • Current customer and market research

  • Customer segmentation analyses to effectively target each audience

Customer Experience

  • User-centered design for a seamless experience

  • Customer insights surveys to track customer preferences and satisfaction

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