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SRG Expertise shaking hands after conducting business and promoting label brands

SRG’s Expertise in Private Label Brand Creation Spans Generations

Strategic Resource Group has been helping to grow private label brands for retail and CPG companies for over 100 years!

Strategic Resource Group consultant providing expertise to improve current store brand offerings

There are a few variations of private label brands, like generic brands, also known as store brands and private brands. Some retailers offer value and premium versions of the same private label product.

Our Proven Framework For Developing Private Brands

Our consultants take an individualized approach to suit your organization’s private label goals. We adapt our framework to grow store brands to the highest levels. SRG works with CPG companies looking to develop a private label and retailers with an existing store brand.

Strategic Resource Group consultants creating individualized framework for private label CPG companies
Strategic Resource Group analyzing and reviewing private brands

Phase 1

SRG begins by analyzing private brands by reviewing brands' marketing, positioning, and procurement strategy within the category of interest. We assess the position of a client’s private brand relative to its overall product mix and customer needs.

Strategic Resource Group indentifying market opportunities to expand upon increase private label penetration.

Phase 2

SRG identifies market opportunities to expand upon to increase private label penetration. Alongside working to increase revenue, we focus on cost-effectiveness, by analyzing the current manufacturing sources and supplier partnerships seeking to decrease costs for maximum profits. If needed, vendor renegotiation and synergies are considered.

Strategic Resource Group retail and CPG expert creating strategies for omnichannel marketing, communications, and brand perception.

Phase 3

Our retail and CPG experts also bolster private label brands' marketing by creating strategies for omnichannel marketing, communications, and brand perception.

SRG’s successful framework for private label brands has been developed through years of research and industry experience in retail and CPG.

Our Private Label services include:

  • Development of Band Strategy

  • Super-Premium, Premium, Traditional, Value-Control, Generic Quality Tiers

  • Product Mix Plan Including Food, Grocery, Beverage, Personal Care, Household Hoods

Strategic Resource Group Brand development, brand strategy, and brand creation service
  • Advertising and Omnichannel Marketing

  • Brand Perception and Positioning

  • Packaging, Naming, Logo, Design, Graphics

  • Competitive Pricing strategy

  • Merchandising plans

Strategic Resource Group consulting marketing and communication strategies for advertising, omnichannel marketing, and branding
  • Product Rollout

  • Promotion Schedule

  • Displays, eEndcaps, Shelf Placement

  • Specials and Coupons

Strategic Resource Group promotional strategy consultation

Brands SRG has worked with before:

Large retail store and private label customers and establishments

SRG’s History With Private Labels

SRG’s Managing Director, Burt P. Flickinger III, is the great-grandson of S.M. Flickinger, a leader in retail and private label brand creation. S.M. Flickinger founded S.M. Flickinger Inc. and Federated Foods, the nation's first vertically and horizontally integrated farm-to-factory-to-table distribution. They were the first voluntary international retail association with store equity partnerships for voluntary retail chains, co-op retail chains, and independent R&D chain retailers.

In 1926, S.M. Flickinger and Burt Flickinger Sr. founded Red & White, the first national brand equivalent for groceries and household products. Red & White stores grew to thousands of locations in the U.S., Canada, and worldwide. S.M Flickinger and Burt Flickinger Sr. also helped J. Frank Grimes co-found IGA in 1926. Furthermore, members of the Flickinger family co-founded Rexall Drug stores, where Joe Coulombe (founder of Trader Joe’s)  got his start.

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