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Pricing & Merchandising Analysis

To make data-driven pricing decisions, we conduct detailed analyses to understand the current market and competitors. Using this essential information, ideal rates can be determined for new or existing products. Our databases have historical pricing information as well, which gives insight into long-term category changes and trends.

Image by Christina Hawkins

An optimal pricing strategy ensures that customers feel they are getting a great value, while your business maximizes profit. Our comprehensive pricing studies keep you up to date with market standards for merchandise across all categories. We also quantitatively and qualitatively analyze factors beyond cost alone, to help determine the best pricing strategy for your products. We have deep experience with cost-plus, premium, penetration, dynamic, bundle, high-low, and more pricing strategies.

Promotions can be an effective way to gain market share, and a calculated plan yields maximum results. We help clients with promotional pricing, including discounts, coupons, holiday specials, and special packages. Maintaining a brand’s reputation and positioning is also very important to our approach when determining promotional schedules.

Strategically, we can work with your organization to determine a pricing plan that meets your specific goals. A methodical pricing approach is key, whether it is to improve market dominance, increase revenue, or change brand reputation. We prioritize a holistic approach to effectively reach your target markets while considering different customer spending habits. Once prices are in place, we can effectively track the results of the pricing plan to assess the impact. 

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