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Legal Resources, Litigation Support, Trial Services, and Antitrust Claims For the Retail and CPG Industries

The retail industry is a highly competitive environment that is ever-changing.  Retail companies are continuously adjusting to consumer trends, and the economy's ebb and flow.

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This requires retailers to seek legal advice and guidance from experienced retail consultants like Strategic Resource Group,  who fully understand this ever-changing sector of the economy.

Strategic Resource Group Expert Witness, Litigation & Arbitration Support For the Retail Industry

Strategic Resource Group’s (SRG) Expert Witness and Dispute & Arbitration Advisory team consistently provides highly effective legal advice, analysis, and expert witness support to resolve disputes.

Arbitration is a great resource for resolving retail disputes, it’s a timely and cost-effective way for all parties to reach a resolution.

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Expert Litigation Support

SRG provides support for arbitration, federal, state, local and international litigation, mediation, contract issues, bankruptcy, and insolvency claims in high-stakes legal matters.

SRG has a track record of success in analyzing and solving challenging financial and economic issues.

We provide valuable financial advisory services to companies, creditors, financial institutions, workers, equity holders, and the legal community for in and out-of-court situations.​

SRG has conducted successful, expert litigation and trial support and work for the law firms listed:

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Providing Retailers Expert Witness & Trial Services

Strategic Resource Group provides placement of trial consultants experienced in providing comprehensive litigation support – from discovery briefs, impactful expert reports, arbitration, testimony, and settlement discussions to final resolution at trial.

  • Expert witness support

  • Expert reports

  • Arbitration

  • Depositions

  • Testimony

  • Early case assessment

  • Discovery assistance

  • Case strategy evaluation

  • Damages analysis

  • Settlement services

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Our Trial Services Include:

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Burt Flickinger and the SRG Expert Team will work in conjunction with your trial team to assist in pretrial preparation.

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Our expert witnesses or litigation consultants offer testimony, advice, litigation support, depositions, and other related expert witness services.

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Our professionals create and deliver authoritative and compelling briefs, reports, and presentations to aid clients in litigation.

Helping Retailers Analyze Complex Questions Around  Antitrust Claims, Mergers and Acquisitions, and the Federal Trade Commission

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SRG provides sophisticated strategic advice and expert reports, analyses, briefs, and support in connection with mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, and other strategic alliances to federal and state agencies. These include Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Hart Scott Rodino (HSR) matters and support to plaintiffs and defendants in antitrust investigations and litigation.

We provide valuable insight and clarity, helping our clients analyze complex questions regarding antitrust claims, mergers and acquisitions, market concentrations, boycotts, allegations of restraint of trade, licensing and protection of intellectual property, and buying and price-fixing, among others.

SRG professionals have extensive experience advising competition authorities such as the FTC in antitrust cases. We’ve also successfully, worked on FTC, HSR, and M&A reviews, including comprehensive Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) analyses of historical and evolving competitive market-share concentrations and competitive entry.

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If You’re A Retailer Looking For Representation, Needing Legal Advice or Litigation Services Contact Strategic Resource Group Today!