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Supply Chain & Logistics

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Supply chain management has made recent headlines, with significant implications for businesses worldwide. All aspects of the supply chain have been affected by global shortages and disruptions, exacerbating the need for agile supply chain management. SRG works with clients through all parts of the supply chain to ensure your customers get the products and services they want, when they want them.


From Sourcing and Procurement to Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Distribution, our expertise derives from years of hands-on experience in retail and CPG factories, warehouses, and stores. Uniquely, our fieldwork includes on-site visits to ensure we understand day-to-day processes. Having a holistic understanding allows us to make effective strategies that have generated clients both cost savings and revenue boosts.

Depending on your organization’s objectives, we generate practical solutions that create value. Our extensive network of suppliers aids cost-saving negotiations, typically generating savings between 5-15% or more. We specialize in strategic sourcing to find the best suppliers and contracts for your long-term strategy. After securing manufacturing contracts, we ensure the warehouses meet industry standards by benchmarking against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Strategizing distribution and transportation is another key component of our supply chain and logistics work. The last few years have proven the need for a calculated approach to distribution, with flexibility built-in for minimized risk. We have strong experience in omnichannel distribution, a growing sector as demand for fast delivery increases. SRG’s research enables cost-saving decisions between different types of transportation, including rail, ground (LTL and FTL), climate controlled, air, and maritime options.

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Our Supply Chain and Logistics Services Include:


  • Analyzing and acquiring suppliers

  • Focus on quality, cost-effectiveness, and needs of your business

Purchasing and Procurement

  • Negotiating goods and services contracts

  • Managing purchasing agreements


  • Quality and assurance indicators Benchmarking, tracking, and productivity analyses

  • Accuracy rates, on-time rates, and other

    • Key Performance Indicators

Manufacturing Assembly
Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves


  • Warehouse management systems (WMS)

  • Warehouse optimization models

  • Climate control considerations

  • Natural disaster and emergency situations preparation

Distributions and Transportation 

  • Inbound and outbound shipping analyses

  • Rail, Ground: Less than Truckload (LTL), Truckload (FTL/TL), Temperature Controlled, Air, Marine transportation

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