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Sustainability & Solar Panel Resources for Retailers & CPG Companies

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We help retailers like you establish sustainability through solar panels and renewable energy everyday. In fact, we’ve helped clients like you install more than 50 megawatts of solar energy!

Our goals for retail solar panel and renewable energy strategy implementation:

Increase retailer profitability & monetize new avenues

Take advantage of tax incentives

Lower retailer & CPG corporations' carbon emissions

Help combat climate change on a larger scale

Image by Anders J
Image by Markus Winkler

Solar energy is not “just” a fantastic way to reduce carbon emissions. Retailers who invest in solar panels are eligible to receive tax credits, receive increased environmental, social, and governance scores, produce significant savings in operation costs, and even monetize areas they never imagined.

We help you navigate the intricacies of energy laws and tax incentives to create an approach that maximizes the value to your organization.

See how we help

The Sustainability Support We Provide

Installing Solar Panels



Preparation and Analysis

  • Evaluate tax incentives & legal considerations

  • Determine how solar energy fits in your long-term business strategy

  • Review your current ESG and sustainability practices

  • Benchmark across current industry standards

  • Evaluate areas to monetize for additional revenue streams: rooftops, land, parking lots

Preparation and Analysis

  • Solar panel rollout and installation

  • Implementation timeline of the new energy system


  • Receiving government tax incentives

  • Raising Environmental, Social, and Governance Sustainability Scores

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