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The Leader in Mergers & Acquisitions Support for Retailers

SRG Makes Mergers & Acquisitions for Retailers & CPG Companies a Success Story

Retailers and CPG companies face many challenges with M&A in today's market. From rapidly changing consumer purchasing behaviors to high inflation and new competitors. Strategic Resource Group has been involved in the entire M&A lifecycle for decades and has developed a comprehensive set of processes vital to achieving M&A success.

We’ve supported multi-million dollar financial transactions for leading law firms, private equity firms, and other national financial institutions. From decades of industry experience, we provide strategic and operational insights that maximize the value of your retail investments.

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Through Strategic Guidance & Due Diligence, We Assist Clients Through All Steps of the M&A Lifecycle


Our mergers and acquisition experts assist clients through all steps of M&A, crafting a clear, effective methodology for the deal of interest. We also provide due diligence services to minimize risk and threats. Our attention to detail, accuracy, and long-term strategy are our focuses when analyzing a deal’s profitability and impact on your business.

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SRG specializes in discovering the hidden value within a target through detailed analyses of the current and long-term considerations. Alongside value creation and opportunities, we examine the potential risks and mitigants. From preparation and research to execution and post-merger integration, we have experience in all stages of the M&A lifecycle.

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Throughout the expansive legal considerations of mergers and acquisitions, our M&A experts support your firm to minimize possible risks. We carefully analyze the legal intricacies of transactions to strategize risk mitigants and prevention methods.

Strategic Guidance & Due Diligence

Strategic Resource Group’s Merger & Acquisitions Services Include

M&A Preparation

  • Short and long-term value analyses

  • Synergies, diversification, and market opportunity research

  • Evaluating current industry and competitive practices within retail and CPG


  • Assistance for the integration or separation of companies:

    • ​Human resources, executive management, and company culture

    • Technology and Software

    • Finance and Accounting

    • Training and On-boarding

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) tracking and benchmarking

M&A Transaction

  • Integrations: vertical, horizontal, concentric, conglomerate mergers

  • Separations and IPOs

  • Due diligence and legal support

  • Preparation for competitive threats


Strategic Resource Group’s M&A Success Stories

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 $300 Million 

profit for an activist private equity client in one year through a large supermarket chain acquisition.

 400%+ Return 

on company stock for shareholders of a multi-billion dollar convenience and gas chain due to SRG defending the company from a hostile takeover.

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