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Strategy & Operations

Branding Initiatives

Successful branding is vital to both a business' and a brand's success, company identity, winning marketing plan, as well as Consumer and competitive strategy. Strong brand identity, when continuously and consistently communicated, effectively builds brand, business, and leading market share growth with Consumers.

Developing effective and profitable brand identity presents particular challenges—both internally and externally—for a company. Strategic Resource Group’s (SRG) branding experience and offerings include:

  • Brand strategy

  • New brands creation and successful Product launch initiatives

  • Market opportunities analysis

  • Consumer segmentation analysis

  • Market positioning

  • Advertising strategy

  • Packaging, Positioning, and Special Packs

  • Pricing and promotion strategy

Consumer Market Analysis

SRG's in-depth Consumer market analyses cover "The United Nations" of Consumer constituencies to profitably increase sales and market share for CPG companies and brands, as well as for retailers, co-ops, ESOPs, and services companies. 


SRG's research and analyses can help refine business initiatives ranging from new and existing brands and marketing programs to store remodeling and site-selection decisions.

Strategic Resource Group has extensive experience in all aspects of Consumer market analyses, including:

  • Consumer behavior and buying analysis

  • Geo-demographic analysis

  • Consumer and opportunity analysis

  • Focus group research and analysis

  • Retail distribution analysis

  • Consumption analysis

Marketing & Advertising Strategy

Strategic Resource Group offers marketing and advertising services to help clients profitably increase sales and market shares, improve their brand’s business, and utilize digital-media channels to enhance traditional corporate communications and marketing. The areas we focus on are as follows:

  • New brand creation

  • Brand strategy

  • Competitive opportunity analysis

  • Consumer strategy

  • Media buying (Digital, Social, Broadcast & Out-of-Home)

  • Ad copy and creative

  • Broadcast media and overall communication strategy


Business Operations Analysis

A company’s profitability and efficiency depends highly on its organizational effectiveness and retail operation success. Operating analysis is important to identify those areas of the business that are working as well as those that need improvement.


By analyzing its historical and projected performance, including assessing current retail operations and economic factors, a company can identify key opportunities to improve operations.


An effective operating analysis will take into account several key components that will promote the company’s ability to be profitable, competitive and financially sound. To that end, Strategic Resource Group offers services that include:

  • Retail operation effectiveness and efficiency

  • Marketing and merchandising assessment

  • Natural disaster and special situation supply strategies and opportunities

  • Staff and labor scheduling

  • Department and category assortment analysis

  • Supply chain efficiency

  • Inventory loss and shrink improvement analysis​

Promotions & Merchandising

Strategic Resource Group professionals have extensive experience analyzing merchandising opportunities as highly effective promotional strategies. Our offerings in this area include:

  • Competitive analyses

  • Promotional program effectiveness and opportunities

  • Promotional pricing analyses

  • Category, department and chain promotional assessments

  • Private label promotional opportunities

  • Promotional effectiveness by supplier and by major brand

  • New category and new business promotional opportunities

  • Merchandising Private Label with non-competing Power Brand

Real Estate & Store Site Analysis

Real estate decisions typically involve the assessment of current and prospective markets based on immediate and projected future demand for a retailer’s goods and services, as well as co-located “destination” businesses. Such decisions can be made only after careful consideration is given to relevant competitive expansion plans and “commercial census” remaining of other co-anchor and in-line retailers, restaurants, entertainment, and service businesses. 

A successful analysis can help a company target specific markets for in-market, remodel/renovation and expansion, as well as determine those locations with the most potential for high sales and customers traffic. Strategic Resource Group is experienced in all aspects of real estate and store site analysis, specifically:

  • Expert witness analyses, reports, briefs, and testimony

  • Future Mass Volume Retail (MVR) expansion plans

  • Site selection

  • Analyses of viability of co-located retailers, restaurants, entertainment, and science venues

  • Traffic studies

  • Valuations—on-site and market

  • Category dominant retailers' expansion plans

  • Off-Price and "PI" (Price Impact) Retailers' expansion and relocation plans

  • Plans for large video gaming location(s) 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is crucial to establishing a framework for a company’s long-term vision, business objectives and strategies. A strong strategic plan will provide an organization with focus, energy and momentum to pursue its mission.

Before developing a strategic plan, it is necessary to establish a review and planning process as well as perform a critical review of past performance. It can be difficult to develop future strategy without analyzing current strategies and success to date. For companies participating in the strategic planning process, SRG offers services that include:

  • Business opportunity analysis

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analyses

  • Marketing and advertising effectiveness and efficiency review

  • Competitive opportunities/analysis

  • Consumer analyses

  • M&A analysis

  • Consumer geo-demographic opportunities analyses

  • Strategies to increase profitable sales and market share

Private Label Portfolio

As your company seeks opportunities to establish and maintain competitive advantages through Private Label strategies, SRG has the in-depth experience to navigate the following:

  • Private Label Brand Acceleration

  • Multi-Tiered Private Label Brand Strategy (i.e. Super-Premium, Premium, Traditional, Value-Control, Generic)

  • Competitive Pricing Strategy

  • Promotional Strategies

  • Special Pack Strategies

  • Merchandising and Marketing Strategies

  • Multimedia Advertising Strategy

  • Packaging and Graphics

Strategic Sourcing

Reductions in purchasing services and goods (while maintaining quality) can lead to significant company savings. Strategic sourcing for goods and services involves implementing changes to spending and procurement to cut costs.


Strategic sourcing initiatives, which typically generate savings ranging from 5% – 15% or more, may include analyzing, negotiating and managing purchasing agreements, equipment and materials to achieve sustainable results.

SRG has a proven track record of identifying and prioritizing sourcing opportunities to maximize return. Strategies/capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Savings of goods and services not-for-resale

  • Benchmarking

  • Analytical toolbox for qualified supplier negotiations

  • Retail goods for sell-through to shoppers

  • Strategic sourcing

Warehouse, Transportation & Distribution

Strategic Resource Group has proven success in providing customized retail and wholesale warehousing and transportation analysis focusing on delivering efficiencies and improving services. To deliver superior warehousing and transportation solutions, the SRG professionals target the following areas:

  • Distribution site and distance analysis

  • Warehouse productivity analysis

  • Inbound and outbound shipping analysis

  • Promotional sales distribution analysis

  • Daily, weekly and monthly distribution analysis

  • Natural disaster and special situations warehousing and preparation

  • Warehouse optimization model

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