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Future of Malls: Requiem for the Retail Roman Empire

The re-purposing of the 20th century Roman Empires of Retail centered Burt Flickinger's conversation with Kristen Scholer on Cheddar -- from food- and pet-based retailers to gaming to Top Golf and MFCs: Micro-Fulfillment Centers to more & better sustainable power of Rooftop Solar, led by Amazon's Brittany Stanton & Greg Michaelson, to help lower prices, offset rising wages, logistics and utility costs. The balance between online and bricks & mortar will improve as US malls move from from about 400% to 140% over-stored, facilitating a Retail Requiem & Renaissance.

Watch now: https://cheddar.com/media/u-s-malls-need-to-become-more-food-focused-and-experiential-strategist-says

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