Strategic Resource Group has in-depth experience in the Private Label category, including:

  • Private Label Brand Creation

  • Multi-Tiered Private Label Brand Strategy (i.e. Super-Premium, Premium, Traditional, value-control, generic)

  • Competitive Pricing Strategy

  • Consistent Promotional Strategy

  • Multimedia Advertising Strategy

  • Merchandising and Marketing Strategy

  • Packaging and Graphics

  • Special Pack Strategy


SRG’s proven process to help clients grow their Private Label brands to the highest levels possible includes:

  • Review of strategic marketing, positioning, and procurement strategy of each brand within each category.

  • Assess the strategic positioning of a client's Private Label brand relative to its competition (if any).

  • Identify opportunities and categories to increase Private Label penetration as a percent of its overall business.

  • Examine areas to improve costs of goods, including an assessment of current manufacturing sources and supplier partnerships. Consideration of possible new synergies.

  • Category management and vendor renegotiation.

  • Enhance strategic marketing of the Private Label brand, including: branding, media messaging, and overall cost-effectiveness of marketing.

  • Private Label rollout.