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SRG helps clients during every stage of a contested matter, from early case assessment and discovery to expert reports, damages analysis, and settlement services. Our experienced professionals provide assistance to companies in the form of:

  • Expert witness support

  • Expert reports

  • Arbitration 

  • Depositions

  • Testimony

  • Early case assessment

  • Discovery assistance

  • Case strategy evaluation

  • Damages analysis

  • Settlement services

Strategic Resource Group provides placement of trial consultants experienced in providing comprehensive litigation support – from discovery briefs, impactful expert reports, arbitration, testimony, settlement discussions to final resolution at trial.

Our services include:

  • Pretrial preparation: Burt Flickinger and the SRG Expert Team work in conjunction with your trial team to assist in pretrial preparation.

  • Expert Witness: Our expert witnesses or litigation consultants offer testimony, advice, litigation support, depositions, and other related expert witness services.

  • Expert Briefs and Reports: Our professionals create and deliver authoritative and compelling briefs, reports, and presentations to aide clients in the litigation process.


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