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Food Supply Future is Hydroponic Greenhouse Agriculture

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Burt Flickinger discussed how floods, hurricanes, tornadoes & blizzards are impairing crop & livestock production, and together with Supply Chain problems contributing to record Inflation on FOXWEATHER.COM with noted Meteorologists Amy Freeze & Ian Oliver.

While Fruits & Fresh Vegetables are particularly affected, world renowned Cornell Agriculture leaders Neil Mattson, Ph.D. & dynamic, visionary Betsy/Elizabeth Bihn, Ph.D. {Executive Director Of The Institute For Food Safety & Betsy's also Director Of The Produce Safety Alliance for NYS Ag} are working on both highly efficient farming, Food Safety & hydroponic indoor greenhouse agriculture that can produce up to 10-12 crop years in 12 months of equivalent traditional farming. We can't build greenhouses fast enough to offset what we are losing in the fields of the World.

Also, Consumers should buy extra & stock up on as many months of Groceries & Essentials & Pet Food as Consumers can afford to beat Inflation & Shop to get the highest Quality & best Values at BJ's Wholesale Clubs (low-price gas leader too), Lowe's Canada & Lowe's USA, Ace & Do it Best Hardware because they have the best in-stocks & variety, values, Customer Services & Safety.


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