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Inflation, Crime & Covid Could Wreck Retail Earnings

INFLATION, CRIME & COVID (the “new I.C.C.”) are making up to 55% of consumers afraid to go to stores on a regular basis as Burt Flickinger discussed with EMMY AWARD Winning LIZ CLAMAN on The CLAMAN COUNTDOWN. Consumers are shopping more online, buying what they need to feed their families & not buying discretionary items.

While it's a very unhealthy earnings season for many retailers, food wholesalers like UNFI food wholesale/retail & its long-term contract with Amazon Whole Foods is doing well. BJ’s Wholesale is up 250% (since early 2020) with its great intersection of leadership & spirituality & societal good thanks to Chris Baldwin, who passed on the priesthood to be Chairman of the company, along with CEO Bob Eddy, David Picot and a dream team.

In our worldwide study of beauty brands, Ulta is the ultimate power brand & Target is a way to save on food and casual fashion for Back to School. Other safe harbors include POST, brands and Private Label, where you can win and be up for the year in a bad market, pinch pennies and still get a positive return without worrying about a market wipeout.

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