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These new supermarkets expected to come soon to Connecticut

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Joseph Tucci, Luther Turmelle, Pam McLoughlin, Verónica Del Valle

April 7, 2022

Several supermarkets and grocery stores have recently announced that they will be opening new locations around Connecticut.

From the first Wegmans in the state to several Amazon Fresh locations, here are some stores that shoppers can expect to find in the near future:

A spokesperson for the chain confirmed to Hearst Connecticut Media “that a Stamford store is in development.” However, the spokesperson declined to reveal a location for the upcoming store.

When choosing locations the company writes that it prefers stand-alone areas with easy access from roadways and “excellent visibility.” The Whole Foods website stipulates that locations should serve “200,000 people or more in a 20-minute drive time,” be about “25,000 to 50,000 square feet” and have “abundant parking available for its exclusive use.”

The upscale grocery store chain announced that it plans to open its first Connecticut store on 11 acres of land off Connecticut Avenue near Interstate 95 in Norwalk.

Marcie Rivera, a spokesperson for the chain, said the store “doesn’t have a timeline” regarding when it will open.

“It usually takes a couple of years from when we announce an opening to when it actually opens,” Rivera said.

Connecticut’s first Amazon Fresh is planned for Candlewood Lake Plaza in Brookfield.

Due to supply chain issues its opening was delayed, it is planned to be opened around Easter, according to Francis Lollie, the town’s zoning enforcement officer.

A second location is planned for Westport, according to Amazon officials, despite having been denied to make its sign bigger than code regulations by the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Amazon Fresh is both an online and physical grocery store that aims to offer low prices and free same-day delivery, according to its website.

A “well-known” national grocery store is coming to the Boston Post Road plaza next to Trader Joe’s, however, its identity is being kept secret by officials for now.

Scott Milnamow, senior vice president of real estate for Raymour & Flanigan, which owns the property, told the Town Plan and Zoning Commission that they’ve “secured a deal, a lease" but cannot reveal its identity because of a confidentiality agreement.

According to a retail analyst by Strategic Resource Group, the store is likely to be a new location for Amazon Fresh.

“I’m very familiar with their site location and this checks off all the boxes,” Burt Flickinger, managing director of New York City-based Strategic Resource Group, said.


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