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Strategic Resource Group has in-depth experience in the Private Label category, including:

  • Private Label Brand Creation

  • Multi-Tiered Private Label Brand Strategy (i.e. Super-Premium, Premium, Traditional, value-control, generic)

  • Competitive Pricing Strategy

  • Consistent Promotional Strategy

  • Multimedia Advertising Strategy

  • Merchandising and Marketing Strategy

  • Packaging and Graphics

  • Special Pack Strategy


SRG’s proven process to help clients grow their Private Label brands to the highest levels possible includes:

  • Review of strategic marketing, positioning, and procurement strategy of each brand within each category.

  • Assess the strategic positioning of a client's Private Label brand relative to its competition (if any).

  • Identify opportunities and categories to increase Private Label penetration as a percent of its overall business.

  • Examine areas to improve costs of goods, including an assessment of current manufacturing sources and supplier partnerships. Consideration of possible new synergies.

  • Category management and vendor renegotiation.

  • Enhance strategic marketing of the Private Label brand, including: branding, media messaging, and overall cost-effectiveness of marketing.

  • Private Label rollout.

One Example Case Study:

An international client with store operations in multiple Caribbean countries was looking expand its Private Label store brand with the goal of achieving homogeneity of product offering and merchandising sets across its market base. Income levels varied and price sensitivity was high.

  • 3,000 completed Consumer surveys collected in 18 hours

  • 98% completion rate

  • 2,868 emails collected

  • More than 90% of respondents were females between the ages of 35-54


  • The majority of respondents typically shop for groceries once a month, and were most concerned about a store’s quality of goods offered, not price (ranked 4th).

  • The respondents are very heavily influenced by promotion and purchasing behavior, and are easily influenced through loyalty card promotion.

  • 98% of respondents would buy more of the store’s Private Label brand if more products were offered.

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