Mergers & Acquisitions

Burt P. Flickinger III and Strategic Resource Group (SRG) have the in-depth industry knowledge and historical data, which has been a proven formula for success for financial institutions and law firms supporting large financial transactions.

SRG works with investment firms to help companies optimize potential by providing strategic and operational insight to maximize investment results. We also provide strategic due diligence, capable of delivering unparalleled insights into all channels of retail and distribution.

SRG has a reputation for extreme attention to detail, and our reliability, timeliness, and accuracy of information and insights help drive firms understand whether a deal can be profitable or dangerous. 

Recent examples:

  • SRG has helped make a activist private equity firm more than $300 million in one year on large supermarket chain acquisition.

  • Shareholders of multi-billion dollar Convenience and Gas chain made a 400+% return on company's stock after SRG’s helped defend the company from a hostile takeover.