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Solar & Renewable Strategies

Strategic Resource Group has a tremendous track record of helping

its retail, CPG and other clients take full advantage of federal and state tax incentives to implement solar power strategies across their real-estate portfolios.


To date, SRG has helped clients install more than 40 MW of solar. A successful solar strategy can impact in four key areas of your business:

  • Highly profitable project financials for both rooftop and ground mount systems

  • Hedged and “significantly lowered” utility rates for years to come.

  • Higher Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores for publicly traded companies.

  • Improved Consumer and team member/employer satisfaction rates.

Retailers sell goods within their four walls, but may not have taken advantage of additional alternative sources of recurring revenue when it comes to their retail space or available land. SRG can help you monetize your rooftop, parcels of land, or your parking lot.


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