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Amazon is 'Rudderless in Retail" as Target Hits its Mark

On Cheddar's CLOSING BELL with HENA DOBA, Burt Flickinger discussed Target's brilliant move to eclipse Walmart & Amazon and control its own destiny with new Delivery Hubs to deliver online orders cheaper and faster. Under Target COO John Mulligan’s, transformational co-leadership, Target will go from a little less than five million to 60 million deliveries within a couple of years. An additional unreported factor is the tremendous level of theft by drivers of the gig delivery companies many others uses in Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City. Paraphrasing the great Jazz player JOHN COLTRANE, Target is making "GIANT STEPS" forward for the consumer, public safety and certainty of delivery.

Meanwhile, Amazon continues to struggle with CHRIS SMALLS' unionization efforts as well as its catastrophic Whole Foods acquisition and third-party delivery issues. Target could eclipse Amazon in wearables & consumables, especially with its PRIVATE LABEL Brands where it is making decisive gains. If Amazon had UPS's unionized delivery metrics through the Teamsters, it would be better off. But by fighting unions & without MacKenzie SCOTT, ex-wife of AMZN co-owner Jeff Bezos, providing a philosophical & societal foundation for Amazon, it seems to be losing its way. Amazon is rudderless in retail where Target is clearly on course. Target will be the clear winner, with Amazon going sideways to southbound.

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