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Updated: Dec 29, 2022

This week on MORNINGS with MARIA BARTIROMO, Burt Flickinger's "RETAIL ROUNDUP" featured U.S. Retail Sales & Walmart coming off better-than-expected earnings (despite International exposure to Mainland China driving negative numbers) by following Target, BJ's & Lowe's with investments in inventory to grow profitable market share and sales & TEAM CANADA WOMEN'S HOCKEY GREAT OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL VICTORY (with CORNELL's MAGNIFICENT 7)!

Burt also discussed how Inflation, delayed shipments & purchasing is the catalyst for increased U.S. sales & then turned to my "Flick's Picks" of Retail WINNERS: BJ's Wholesale Club, with the dynamic, spirituality-based leadership of Chairman Chris Baldwin, who is the best at taking care of workers, suppliers, Consumers & communities, while doing good worldwide with fantastic CEO Bob Eddy & David Picot & all. BJ's is both the safest & best place to save for gas, groceries & more. Like BJ's, Lowe's is winning with a tremendous team & faith-based principles: CEO, Marvin Ellison (with dynamic wife Sharyn Ellison) & fantastic operations leaders: Tony Hurst in Canada, & Lowe's N. America leadership Joe McFarland III, Vinny Scalese, Donald Frieson & Bill Boltz.

Kohl's is also a winner based on a proposed buyout & great SEPHORA chain-wide expansion, as are Advance Auto Parts, Auto Nation, O'Reilly & Auto Zone because more people are repairing rather than buying new cars due to the auto shortage. Meanwhile: Consumers are cash & credit constrained & U. Michigan reports that consumer sentiment is its lowest in 11 years. Like the Chinese character that is the same for danger & opportunity, there is reason for optimism but also caution ahead.

Finally: Great eternal glory for the CANADIAN WOMEN's ICE HOCKEY TEAM where six of our CORNELL students won the OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL with Cornell coach Doug Derraugh & led by inspiring, co-captain BRIANNE JENNER, the record-breaking Olympic MVP (9 Goals, 14 Pts. in 7 games), who is the best big-game player in hockey since Mark Messier.

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