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Manufacturers Bear 'Blame & Shame' for Shortages, Prices

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Manufacturers, not retailers, bear the blame & shame of out-of-stocks of unprecedented proportions, as featured on Burt Flickinger's weekly "Retail Roundup" on MORNINGS with MARIA. Too few plants are manufacturing & warehouses distributing, and a lack of institutional experience is leading to ineptitude. Big manufacturers are also fueling inflation by taking away promotions of up to 20 cents on every dollar. The FTC should back Senators Mike Braun and Amy Klobuchar in a bi-partisan effort with CEO Greg Ferrara of the National Grocers Association to end big manufacturer supply discrimination against neighborhood, independently owned & operated retailers.

Also: At almost 10%, we are facing the worst inflation since the LBJ to Carter era, which is why workers are on strike against Kroger in Colorado, even with unprecedented retention bonuses & wage increases. Meanwhile, it's the proverbial retail wasteland on the luxury mile in Manhattan, where Hermes is only letting in shoppers one-at-a-time because of worker shortages & security issues. Between workers not being able to work, shoppers not being able to shop and retailers not being able to sell, crime & COVID are going to cause a recession.


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