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Online Returns & McDonalds Prices: Harbingers of Recession

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

With online returns estimated to exceed $1 Trillion, retailers are losing a fortune, leading to higher prices and lower standards of living, a harbinger of recession coming more quickly around the corner, as Burt Flickinger discussed on MORNINGS with MARIA. Another harbinger is McDonalds, where many consumers cannot afford to eat anymore because of menu price hikes. As the 11 other cost of living areas are rising simultaneously for the first time since the '70s, the only place to save is groceries, especially at wholesale clubs like BJs, Costco & Winco, supercenters like Target and discounters like Trader Joe's, Aldi & Lidl. Consumers are also buying more in bulk at wholesale clubs because at they know items will be in stock.

Also: The Petco IPO (full disclosure: our firm worked on the Petsmart LBO) will be successful because the pet population is growing at three times the birth rate for people in the US, and our worldwide department-store assessments of fashion tribunals from Paris to Dubai to New York indicates Kohl's will be a spectacular success by picking up Sephora, whose store on the Champs Elysees gets six million visitors a year, as many as the Eiffel Tower but open less. Activist investors including Starboard, Sycamore & Macellum are getting a prime piece of property at discount, and Burt estimates Kohl's bidding will take the stock closer to $70, and possibly higher.


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