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Open-Air Malls Leading Retail Recovery

Top story on Burt Flickinger's weekly "Retail Roundup" on MORNINGS with MARIA: Open-air malls are leading the retail recovery because of investments by Kimco, Brookfield, Simon, Briggsmore & Westfield to provide community centers and strategic solutions for food, fashion, fitness, entertainment, medical/therapy, pet care & more. Open-air malls are waiving restrictive covenants and adding Lowes, BJs, Costco & Amazon as power centers, with positive tax consequences to fund schools & economic growth.

Meanwhile, a lack of holiday discounts, combined with big-brand price-gouging of unprecedented proportions, means consumers are buying less. Best consumer deals are at "Flick's Picks" BJs & Lowes -- because of their nondenominational spirituality & meritocracy-based leadership, lowering prices & raising standards of living. Burt's other picks are Tractor Supply with similar leadership principles & FedEx, a powerhouse. Common denominators of these leaders: Teamwork, taking care of customers and no Harvard MBA hot-shots.



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