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Retail Roundup: Veteran's Day is the New Black Friday

Burt Flickinger was asked on my weekly "Retail Roundup" on MORNINGS with MARIA about the compounding effects of organized theft, supply-chain bottlenecks & low supply intersecting with high demand, and said that "Veteran's Day is the New Black Friday" because after Nov. 11, shoppers can expect shortages of toys, clothes, consumer electronics, furniture & tools and other holiday gift items. The worst retail crisis in 95 years also means consumers are smart to shop at NGA, independently-owned food stores & "Small Business Saturday" retailers during the month of November because they are not counting on containers coming from China. Burt also lauded the bi-partisan effort by Senators Braun of Indiana and Klobuchar of Minnesota to enforce anti-trust regulations so that big chains don't get all the groceries, toys and gift-giving items this holiday season.


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