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Walgreens & Roz Brewer Win 'Triple Crown' of Retail

Cheryl Casone and Burt Flickinger reviewed the Starbucks & Macy's vaccine policies on my weekly "Retail Roundup" on MORNINGS with MARIA. While Macy's senior legal counsel Elisa Garcia and outside law firm Jones Day is implementing vaccine requirements thoughtfully and affirming its duty of care for customers, communities, team members and vendors, Starbucks may have jumped the gun by mandating vaccinations or else weekly testing.

Walgreens is meanwhile winning the proverbial Triple Crown of Retail: First the "Kentucky Derby" by bringing in a dynamic & decisive new leader from Walmart, Roz Brewer. Win number two (The Preakness) for Walgreens is Roz and her team eclipsing the old guard from Boots Alliance, and Walgreens' third win (The Belmont) is handling COVID the right way by becoming a substitute grocery store. BJ's is one of Burt's "Flick's Picks" this week because it buys better than anyone else in the East, is where consumers save meaningful money on gas and groceries, and is easier to shop than Sam's Club or Costco (also one of "Flicks Picks").

Watch now: https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6290290699001#sp=show-clips

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