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Walmart Performance During Covid-19 Will Translate to Margin

During Burt Flickinger's appearance on CNBC Worldwide to talk about the reasons for Walmart's projected record-breaking sales & growth with Julianna Tatelbaum & Geoff Cutmore, he talked about why brand suppliers favor Walmart over other retailers as well as its strong position in iAfrica with Massmart, India with Flipkart, N. America & the People's Republic of China. Not included in this clip, Burt also referenced Julianna's prior Paris interview re:"les Gilets Jaunes'" ("Yellow Vests") important protests in Paris & France & some splinter salients of civil unrest in cities & Paris at Arc d'Triomphe, etc. I said: "Mr. Sam" Walton & Walmart lacked the Working Capital to build in densely populated urban areas for nearly 30 years (1960s to 1990s) so Walmart is far less exposed in urban areas now--compared to Target/TGT now & Walmart is big winner as people migrate from the cities back to the country-side & suburban areas where Walmart has 90+% of its stores' density & WMT is realizing huge gains as people move into Walmart's legacy non-urban markets.

Watch; https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/videos/walmart-performance-during-covid-19-will-translate-to-margin-analyst-says/vi-BB186MOy

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