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SRG provides sophisticated strategic advice and expert reports and analyses, briefs, and support in connection with M&A, joint ventures, and other strategic alliances to federal and state agencies. These include Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Hart Scott Rodino (HSR) matters, as well as support to plaintiffs and defendants in antitrust investigations and litigation.


We provide valuable insight and clarity, helping our clients analyze complex questions with regard to antitrust claims, mergers and acquisitions, market concentrations, boycotts, allegations of restraint of trade, licensing and protection of intellectual property, as well as buying and price fixing.

SRG professionals have extensive experience advising competition authorities such as the FTC in antitrust cases.

SRG has worked successfully on FTC, HSR, and M&A reviews, including comprehensive Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI) analyses of historical and evolving competitive market-share concentrations and competitive entry.

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