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Amazon Solar Powers Way to Global Retail Dominance

As Burt Flickinger discussed with Paul Sweeney & Matt Miller on Bloomberg Radio this morning, Jeff Bezos and Amazon co-founder MacKenzie Bezos deserve a "Victory Lap" for record-breaking sales & earnings and this time next year will eclipse Walmart as the biggest retailer worldwide. Amazon is the USA's rooftop Solar Power/Sustainable leader for 100+ Distribution/Fulfillment Centers, lowering costs and customer prices, while Kroger & other chains fail to capitalize on solar and are closing stores. Our surveys of nearly 10,000 consumers indicates 95+% want retailers to use rooftop Solar and 25%-35% of USA shoppers will shop more & buy more from Solar powered retailers, and switch from retailers with no Solar power. 

Listen: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2021-04-30/victory-lap-for-amazon-as-earnings-beat-estimates-again-radio

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