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Bad Weather is Fueling Higher Prices at the Pump

Consumer purchasing power is being pinched by $3,500-$5,000 a year because of the rising price of gas, diesel & propane, plus the higher cost of electricity & natural gas at home, as Burt Flickinger discussed with Amy Freeze on AM Sunday FOX Weather. Burt also predicted that gasoline prices will top $5 a gallon in California and more than $4 in the rest of the continental US, and noted that for the first time in 35 years, monthly consumer expenditures are rising in all 12 of the categories tracked by Strategic Resource Group.

Also: For over 100 years, SM Flickinger & the Flickinger family has been involved in storm & hurricane response nationwide, and the lost time at work, lost crops & raw materials translate to higher prices. Meanwhile, national brand manufacturers are gouging consumers by hiking prices by far more than the commodity cost increases, while also eliminating promotional spending and discounts at retail.

Watch Now: https://www.foxweather.com/watch/play-5766f3afc001187

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