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Best & Worst of Times in Post-Pandemic Retail

It's positively Dickensian ("Best & Worst of Times") in retail, as Burt Flickinger shared with John Tucker on Bloomberg Radio with Grocery sales down as much as 50% by chain in NY City, while it's a Retail Renaissance in the U.S. suburbs and rural areas. Burt also discussed the imperative for food retailers to lower prices and raise wages by embracing solar and renewable power strategies like Amazon, Apple, Ikea, Target, Home Depot, BJs & others; post-pandemic retail sales projections; the effect of E.I.P./Economic Impact Payments on retail this year versus last; the dramatic shifts in "overstored" categories; and the scandalous lack of retail support for Women's sports and education and the United Nations of diversity. 

Listen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdptysu6ce82do4/Holiday%20Daybreak%204-2-21%20SEG1.mp3?dl=0

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