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'Cheater Packs': How Companies Disguise Price Hikes

From a Wall Street Journal EXCHANGE cover-story with Annie Gasparro & Gabriel T. Rubin: Over the years, tuna cans have come to contain less tuna and toilet-paper rolls less tissue, said Burt Flickinger III, managing director of Strategic Resource Group, a consulting firm that works with consumer-product companies. “Historically,” he said, “it’s called a ‘cheater pack.’”

Burt's additional comments: Cash-constrained consumers, reeling from 40-year record-breaking inflation, will start buying Private Label Exclusive retail store brands, like in England, Ireland, Scotland & Canada, to by-pass over-priced inflated big National Brands.During this decade, USA Private Label sales will grow from 20% to 40% of unit sales to approach the 50+% of Private Label sales in other developed countries with well-informed & cash-constrained consumers.

Read Now: https://www.wsj.com/articles/companies-hidden-inflation-consumer-price-index-11644549254 (subscription required)

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