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Enterprise Zones Can Create Retail Requiem & Renaissance

Michael Smerconish and Burt Flickinger had a great discussion on CNN about the late great Rep. Jack Kemp & Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan and how their bipartisan proposal in the early '9os to develop Economic Empowerment Zones could checkmate today's "Smash & Grab" robberies and create a Retail Requiem and Renaissance in underserved communities, similar to the alliance between Pathmark CEO Jack Futterman & Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Butts III of the Abyssinian Baptist Church to build Pathmark #609, which became one of the highest volume, most profitable stores in America before Vulture Capital companies bankrupted Pathmark & stole the money. We need good government oversight and businesspeople who can and will invest with the Unions, the UFCW, the Teamsters, the Bakers, etc., especially in the inner city where there are low to no stores selling food other than dollar stores.



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