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Flickinger: Inflationary 'Retail Ice Age' is Emerging

Updated: Apr 10

I joined BRAD SMITH on YAHOO FINANCE LIVE to discuss the accelerating inflationary Retail Ice Age, which the US Commerce Department reports a +3/10% overall price increase in all retail categories. Apparel is an inflationary standout primarily because men, women & children gained record weight during COVID & need larger sizes. It's also alarming that online sales, healthcare and grocery sales are down month over month despite the UN reporting worldwide inflation up 21% over last year, meaning we are very probably looking at a pronounced Retail Recession in the fourth quarter.

Meanwhile: Food & Consumables maintain sales, while consumers are postponing purchases of appliances and new & used cars because in the famousLyrics of EDDY GRANT, great musician/poet & "Philosopher of the People" in his epiphanous song/video: “ELECTRIC AVENUE” : "Working so hard like a soldier, can't afford a thing on TV, can't get food for the kids…" Furthermore, Innovation by companies like Apple will lead the cycle, but even so, getting chips out of China is a big problem & Supply Chain snafus will continue to impair electronics & autos throughout the year.

Burt's “Flick's Picks” in Auto Supplies are O'Reilly Auto Parts, AutoZone & Advance Auto Parts, because the auto parts aftermarket gets a better life cycle and more value out of pre-owned cars & trucks, and also BJs Wholesale Club, Lowes & Target, where consumers get great quality and value.

Watch now: https://money.yahoo.com/video/inflation-retail-ice-age-emerging-205114819.html

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