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Former Fairway Owner Accused of Stealing Customers

The New York Post: "The supermarket chain that bought Fairway Market out of bankruptcy in March says the former owners of the Big Apple grocer have been engaging in shady tactics to steal its customers for a new business.

"Village Super Market, which operates the ShopRite chain of groceries, claims in a new lawsuit that the former owners of Fairway are mooching off assets they sold in bankruptcy — including the beloved Fairway name — to lure unsuspecting shoppers to spend money on a grocery startup called Fresh and Beyond Specialty Grocery."

“The new brand seems to be created to convert existing Fairway customers to the new brand, which appears in direct conflict to the purchase agreement that Fairway signed with Village Supermarkets,” retail consultant Burt Flickinger said of the allegations in the lawsuit.

If the allegations are true, “Village Super Markets is definitely in the right,” Flickinger added. “It seems both absurd and outrageous that this brand is trading off the goodwill and power of the Fairway trademark to shift shoppers to new stores.”



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