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Inflation Soars, Stocks Plunge & the Jacobs Institute Starves

Updated: Jun 1

Burt Flickinger provided an update on out-of-control Inflation & the Stock Market Crash combining to catalyze a Recession as well as the Price of Oreos & Natural Gas & Buffalo’s Jacobs Medical Institute on CATS AT NIGHT with John Catsimatidis, Emmy-Award winning Rita Cosby & former Congressman Pete King on 77WABC TalkRadio. As the late/great Hall Of Fame Coach & friend Richie M. Moran said, “It’s great to be the underdog & stay hungry.”

Yet -- like the Buffalo Bills’ only Championship team leaders, the late/great Daryle Lamonica & Jack Kemp with “Cookie” Gilchrist -- the outstanding Buffalo combination of Dr. Adnan Siddiqui & Dr. L. Nick Hopkins of the Jacobs Medical Institute for world-renowned Neuro & Vascular Surgery & Engineering Innovation & Invention (“The JI”), and a great job-growth engine, are starving for funding to create exponential gains in Medical & Health & Economic development.

Governor Hochul should not be over-funding the Bills' owners, Terry & Kim Pagula, with nearly $1 Billion of which they don't need the entire amount because they've made $10+ Billion Gainsin Natural Gas in 22 months (Natural Gas increased 433% from 1.62 a unit 22 months ago to 7.01 a unit). She should instead be fully funding the Jacobs Medical Institute for $10 million/year in the East-side Medical Corridor in her home district of downtown Buffalo, NY, which has been starving for 70+ years. (This represents about 1.1% of what NYState gov’t. is giving the Buffalo Bills’ for a new Stadium).

Meanwhile: Egg prices are up 70% and Grains to Soybean Oil +50-100% crop year to crop year. Food inflation will increase 5-6% over the next 60 days and 15-20% by year's end. Overall, “fully-loaded” Inflation isn't going to be 8.5%; it's going to be 18 percent going on 28%, catalyzing the worst Recession we've had in nearly 70 years.

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