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Private Label Brands Offer Consumers Inflation Solution

Updated: Sep 5

Burt Flickinger's live radio broadcast on California’s #1 24-Hours News Radio Station KNX-CBS affirming his correct call for last 17 months of ongoing, record-breaking inflation, costing California & American Consumers +$10,000 more for a family of five this year versus 2021. With droughts, soil moisture down -30% to -70% below average & costs of three main types of farm fertilizer up 200% to 300%, farmers can’t afford to plant all crops, so food prices are continuing to soar from Crop Years 2022 to 2023.

Also: Consumers are switching from price-gouging National Brands to higher quality, more nutritious Private Label Exclusive Store Brands at Albertsons, Safeway, ALDI, Costco, Kroger, Ralph’s, Food4Less, WinCo & Target, because it is the only major way a family of five can live better by saving $5,000 a year. Coming later this year: Flickinger-FITZELL Volume II Book: “The Explosive Growth of Exclusive Private Label Brands in North America."

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