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Why Is Another Covid 'Supply Shock' on the Way?

Paul Sweeney and Vonnie Quinn of Bloomberg Radio asked Burt Flickinger why consumers are yet again facing shortages of Covid-19 supplies (toilet paper, disinfectant soap, sprays & wipes) and Burt refers to his P&G mentor, Phil Robinson, for the answer. Shortly after the broadcast, Burt was amazed to hear from Phil's son (see below) who happened to be listening! Paul, Vonnie and Burt also discussed what the big-box retailers (Walmart, Costco, BJs Target) are doing right, as well as bankruptcy predictions for 2021.

Dear Burt: Thank you for calling out Phil Robinson, my dad, on your Bloomberg podcast today. While a frequent Bloomberg listener, it’s rare that I have the chance to listen during the workday. As good fortune would have it, I was driving to an appointment during your interview and needless to say, it took a second to connect the dots and to understand that you we speaking about my father. Very generous of you. He loved P+G and developed so many great friendships over the years. I do recall how he struggled with the company decision to reduce domestic production and close plants, especially Port Ivory. I shared the podcast link with my 93 year old mother this afternoon — it made her day! Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving. Best regards. - Phil Robinson



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