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Why Target is Winning & Nordstrom is Losing

Burt Flickinger talked about why Omicron hasn't stopped shoppers & Target continues to win on every level with food, toys, pets & Loyalty Clubs on MORNINGS with MARIA, as well as Target's "Cheap Chic" fashion (as popularized by Carol Troy, my very distinguished Vassar College alum, in her best-seller CHEAP CHIC!). Burt also discussed retail deal-making, mergers & consolidations, including my global research into the Women's Designer Footwear-related & E-commerce reasons Nordstrom's Flagship Stores & Nordstrom Rack are losing on all fronts and are failing to compete effectively against TJX, Burlington and other off-price players, which are hiring the best & brightest from Nordstrom & leading department stores.

Watch now: https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6288313145001#sp=show-clips

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